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With various types of foams, sealants, and techniques, we can create larger scale items like armor and weapons that give the illusion they are made of metals and heavier materials, but they don’t share the weight associated with the real deal!

Practical Effects

Practical effects allow us to give that static item that extra bit of life so it has it’s own story to tell. With everything from simple lighting effects and distressing and weathering to smoke, plasma, sound, and movement effects, these special effect techniques allow us to help you further blur that line between fantasy and reality with our creations

Sculpting & Casting

Sculpting, be it by hand or digital, allows us to create almost any item imaginable to great detail. Paired with casting, it allows multiple, perfect copies of the item to be created without the time needed to create each copy from scratch. This also allows us to make lighter items with real metal finishes using a process called cold casting, when applicable. All items and molds a pressure cast, when able, to insure the integrity of the smallest details.


Leather working is an old-world skill that lets us add that extra bit of character and durability your costume and accessories. Be it an item from Star Wars or fallout or a custom creation, our leatherwork is made to last a lifetime and grow in character with you as you and your costumes evolve.

Custom Designs

Be it for a commission for a fellow fanboy or a competition piece, some extravagant piece of armor or a small locket from a favorite game, the same amount of research, dedication, sweat, love, and frustration to make it as real as possible go into every piece of work created. Utilizing all of our available skill sets and resources and more, it is our pleasure to work with you to bring your project to life.

Panels & Workshops

In addition to our presentations at conventions, we also offer hands on workshops to help you learn or improve upon a skillset. We also offer private tutoring sessions. If you’ve ever wanted to learn or improve your skills in electronics, foamsmithing, leatherwork, mold making and resin casting, and or weathering and distressing techniques, please contact us!

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