Post Apocalyptic

Fallout Army Helmet

A retro futuristic, decaying helmet inspired by the Fallout series

Fallout Army Helmet

The fallout universe is a personal favorite or our lead designer due to the 1940’s and atomic era aesthetic combined with the post-apocalyptic grime and destruction. This is the second version of this item created. The original was done in a sitting as a quick overnight built. 

The biggest refinement on this was how the back control box was created and also the weathering and distressing. The original was quickly made with oven bake, polymer clay and not as sharp in design. This item was brought to life by creating a custom master for the back unit using sintra. It was then pressure molded and pressure casted and applied to a custom painted abs helmet with a custom strap. 

Everything was then aged together using fire (yes, real, burning, fire), grinding, black and brown acrylic washes, various brown oil washes, highlighting and shading, and then the final touches were put on with iron powders to add real rusts. While maybe needed, the added texture and subtle color differences added by real rust help add to that story and wonder of what the hell this thing could have been through to get here it is today.

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