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Jade Accessory Kit

The perfect combination for smuggling and assassin work.

Jade Accessory Kit

More Star Wars, because you can never have enough. This also shows some more of our DL-44. This was a fun project because it gave is the opportunity to take an EU character and combine her illustrated look with the look and construction techniques of the original trilogy. We worked closely with The Flagship Eclipse 501st detachment to make sure this would adhere to their standards as well and pictured is an approved member. When designing this set and making it 501st approvable, the biggest restrictions we ran in to, and always run in to in cases like these, are that illustrators are never consistent nor do they take in to consideration real world techniques.

We really wanted to tie the look of this set in to that of the original trilogy and to do so, we had to go against some of the traditional means in which other members of the organization have made the Mara set. It all came together and Eclipse was a pleasure to work with. I am very happy with how this set looks and holds up.

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