Sci Fi

Saiyan Scouter

That perfect tool for detecting power levels..

This was a very fun build with some interesting obstacles to overcome. The biggest being how to replicate the almost magical attachment to the side of the head that the scouter uses in the show. It just floats over the ear. We were playing with some acrylic bands but after some fitting failures with a wig on, settled with a flexible bad with wig clips and a magnetic hinge system. This allows for use with and with out a wig. For our personal setup, we devised a magnetic lining to attach it to the wig itself. This allows for on the fly attachment and removal like the show bet requires a solid wig


This was fabricated by making the master of 3mm sintra, the was then molded in a two part mold with mold max 30 by Smooth-On. From there pressure casts were created with smooth cast 322. It was painted, electronics applied with working push button activation and an optional always on switch. The foam ear padding attachment is cut and attached and then the lenses are laser cut heat formed to fit in the scouter.

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